Washable Sheepskins for Your Baby

Cozifleece are lambskins for babies. They come in Pink, Blue, or White and are suitable for pushchairs and car seats where slits allow 5 point harnesses to be used, or they can be laid flat in prams or just on a bed for baby to lie upon and they can be machine washed and tumble dried.
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baby pink natural Cozifleece - Lambskin for babies Baby blue and Pink shaped Cozifleece fleeces in a double buggy baby blue natural Cozifleece - Lambskin for babies

Cozifleece for your baby

Cozifleece fleeces for pushchairs and baby car seats are cut and shaped specifically so that 5 point safety harnesses can be threaded through the lambskin. The average size of a "Shaped" Cozifleece is 75cm x 38cm. A natural style Cozifleece is designed just to be laid flat for a baby to be gently supported as they lie down either in a cot or on the floor. The average size of a "Natural" Cozifleece is 88cm x 60cm. Both styles have a RRP of 69.95

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The Cozifleece gives ultimate softness support and comfort from 100% UK natural lambskins and all the manufacturing process takes place in the UK by British craftsman. Using a Cozifleece helps eliminate and prevent pressure sores and you will find that your baby is cooled with an airflow that is breathable, keeping them dry and non-sticky all day whilst they are restrained safely in their pushchair or car seat. Cozifleeces are free of loose fibres are naturally fire resistant and are cut to a depth of 25mm ensuring that a baby can always breath if they roll over.

The tanning of our fleeces is so specialised that it ensures the Cozifleeces never loose their flexibility or suppleness. The Cozifleece woollen fleeces are washable at temperatures of up to 60C and can be tumble dried so if your baby has a nappy overflow or other spillage, a completely hygienic and cleaned Cozifleece can be put back on very quickly. The Cozifleeces will retain their supportive pile over their total life time of washes without shrinkage, stiffening of the leather or any loss or flattening of the soft springy support of the fibres. Cozifleeces come in Pink or Blue or White as standard for 69.95, but if you have a special colour requirements it is possible to have Cozifleeces dyed in any colour of your choice with a minimum order quantity of 5 please contact us for further details.

Wool is so special because it is :

baby blue, Baby pink and white shaped Cozifleece - Lambskin for pushchairs
  • an excellent insulator

  • absorbs moisture without feeling wet

  • Resilient - reducing Pressure

  • Reduces Friction or Shear

  • Flame resistant

  • Non-allergenic

  • Wicks moisture


Cozifleece are made from deep soft lambskins

Wool is so resilient at spreading body pressure and reducing pressure points that each fibre acts like a small spring. Wool is also a naturally strong fibre. It can bend back on itself 20,000 times without breaking. Compare this to cotton at 3,200 times, silk at 1,800, and rayon at only 75 times. Maximum pressure reduction has been found when the pile is clipped to about 25mm, is homogeneous and of uniform length and density. Sheepskins have these properties together with a well defined staple and crimp. It also has a straight to light curl appearance, is free of pilling, vegetable matter and felted wool.

Wool is the "wonder fibre!"

There are many fibres, but as yet, science has been unable to produce another fibre having all of the properties of natural wool. Wool is a natural insulator, trapping air within and between its fibres. Wool insulation is enhanced by the crimp or waviness of the wool fibre. Crimp ensures the fibres stand apart from each other, ensuring still air is trapped between them. This layer of trapped air is an excellent insulator, still air being one of the best insulators found in Nature. Wool used in footwear will keep feet warm when it is cold and near body temperature when it is hot. Trapped still air is most pronounced in sheepskin and wool-pile, making them excellent insulators against heat loss or heat gain. Sitting or lying on sheepskin or wool-pile insulates the user from the underlying surface. This means that the body is kept at an even temperature and the user feels more comfortable.

Wool absorbs moisture, keeping your skin dry. In cold weather, even a little moisture on the skin will chill the skin, quickly reducing body temperature. In fact, the fibres can absorb up to 34% of its weight in moisture vapour without feeling wet ten times as much as any synthetic fibre. The porous structure also explains why wool is such a good thermal insulator, not to mention the mesh of the fibres, which creates millions of air pockets that further help to regulate temperature and humidity.

Cozifleece Washing instructions

White natural Cozifleece - Sheepskins for your baby
  • Machine Wash at max 60 (40 will be fine most of the time)

  • You can wash with any commercial non-biological powder

  • For best results use Cozifleece Liquid Lambskin Wash

  • Do not use a conditioner

  • Cool tumble dry or air dry

  • To keep your babies Cozifleece in perfect shape stretch the
    Lambskin into shape halfway through the drying process.


Cozifleece liquid lambskin wash


Purchasing your babies Cozifleece

You can purchase your babies Cozifleece on-line from Waterbed Essentials Ltd by clicking here - Opens link in new window
or from our retail shop in Swansea.
Cozifleece at Homestore Interiors, Gorseinon Road, Gorseinon, Swansea SA4 9GE Tel:01792 899110


Cozifleece - Natural Lambskin for babies Baby blue and Pink shaped Cozifleece fleeces in a double buggy natural Cozifleece - Lambskin for babies